Protect your system

from traffic risk

NoQ offers an innovative way to eliminate bottlenecks of your existing system, with the minimum effort. It is most suitable for mass public facing systems, like Online Lucky Draw, Quota allocation and Flash Sale that expects 10s of thousand or even millions visitors in a short period of time.

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Why should we care about the system overload issue?

The demand of online activities is increasing rapidly, many systems crashed by the influx of large traffic. The cost of the several minutes system downtime is huge. The common cause of system crash is overload, therefore understanding your system capacity is important. Crashes could be prevented.


Enterprises say that one hour downtime can cost them over $1 million


Consumers leave their site if it does not load fast enough


Shoppers never returned to a brand’s website due to slow page performance

Reference: 2019 RSR Report: Shopper Insight Gives Retailers A Wake-Up Call
Forty Percent of Enterprises Say Hourly Downtime Costs Top $1Million
Our ProDuct

Virtual Waiting Room

Virtual waiting room protect your existing system against traffic crisis. By integrating with it, just the network traffic is offloaded to our system, no more no less.

5 Reasons why integrate a Virtual Waiting Room

The most direct benefit of using a virtual waiting room is to prevent the website from crashing due to heavy traffic. In addition, there are actually many more. Here are the top 5 benefits most people agree on: