Virtual Waiting Room

Providing 7x24 protection to your system against traffic crisis.

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Client Success Stories

Our solution assist successful events of our clients.

OpenRice has launched a 50% discount coupon, a lot of people followed up. With the assistance of NoQ, the opportunity to grab coupons is fair and without delay, and the deliciousness is successfully shared.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups introduced a new system for members to complete the summer activities registration. HKFYG selected to integrate with RoomQ and take back the control of traffic. More than 3000 people queued when the registration start, RoomQ protected the system successfully.

In order to apply for HKGOV's funding for COVID-19, hundreds thousand of visitor is going to visit AIA's membership system. AIA reviewed their system capacity and decided to integrate with RoomQ to protect their system.

Yoho Hong Kong launched flash sales campaigns for the 11.11 festival. Client start flash sales campaign daily from 1st Nov to 11th Nov, special offers attracted tens of thousands visitors. Millions of traffic are generated by the successful campaigns.

bigbigshop is leading the new trend for eCommerce, it is organising TV shows to boost products awareness. Hundreds thousand of visitors purchase thousands of products in an hour of TV show. It brings high pressure to 3rd party services. RoomQ is helping bigbigshop to reduce the chances for partner's system overload.

CKAH is selling new properties during the COVID-19 period. To protect the customers, CKAH designed a system to allow customer to make appointment online. To deal with the huge traffic, CKAH selected RoomQ to protect their system.

In order to avoid overload, the Harbour North Flower Festival registration site used RoomQ to protect the registration page and the main visuals clearly show the process of the campaign.

threezero is one of the leaders in Hong Kong's original brand toy industry. Use RoomQ to complete Cloudflare function connection and schedule event time zone customization. Recently completed several successful flash sales.

What Is NoQ?

No more crashing due to traffic

When traffic increases suddenly, NoQ put end users in queue to wait in the virtual waiting room. NoQ monitors your website and app traffic to activate the queue only when the traffic exceeding the thresholds set by you.

Security is our primary focus

We understand you cannot shift all the workload to external system, it may because of personal information leakage concern, cyber security concern, authority compliance, etc.. By integrating with NoQ, just the network traffic is offloaded to our system, no more no less. NoQ also passed security testing by external security consultant. Financial institutes select our service to protect their system as well.


Easy Integration

Complete integration within 15 minutes

App Integration

Mobile SDK for integration

RESTful API Integration

Flexible integration with API

Real Time Traffic Control

Lint web portal for monitoring and configuration

Real Time Messaging

Communicate with queuing users in real time

Fine Control

Protect entire site or only part of it

NoQ vs Queue-IT Comparison

Both RoomQ and Queue-IT offer extensive online queuing system functionality. However, there are some major differences between the two platforms.

Use Cases

NoQ is suitable for any systems with web or mobile app clients. It protect your systems from predicted traffic spike or even sudden traffic strike.

Membership System Traffic Protection

Loyalty System Traffic

System Traffic Protection

Mobile App System Traffic Protection