News Update
May 21, 2021

Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Challenges ‍

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups’ annual summer registration has launched a new registration system for the first time this year. There is no need to make an appointment online to collect funds. You can register directly online! Due to the limited number of course seats and the large number of members, the association expects that a large number of members will flood in at the same time during the opening hours, which will cause great traffic pressure on the system. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups hopes to allow members to register and pay online smoothly, and also hopes to minimize the inconvenience caused to members, so it contacted NoQ to seek a solution.


The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups connected the registration system to NoQ, deployed it 2 months before the event, and conducted multiple stress tests to find the load limit of the registration system. In order to reduce members’ questions, the association has also added a link to NoQ’s queuing page to let members know more about the situation and process.


On the day of registration, the NoQ system recorded more than 3,000 people queuing up during the peak time. After being connected to NoQ, the registration system gained the ability to control traffic. Even when the registration system is temporarily overloaded, NoQ's real-time traffic control function can be used to regulate the flow of people. , so that the registration activity runs smoothly. NoQ also provides 24-hour monitoring of system traffic and does not allow any traffic risks.