News Update
October 7, 2020

Open Rice 開飯喇


OpenRice launches the "Taste and Enjoy" event in 2020, which collects 50% off dining discount coupons from many restaurants approved by the "Quality Tourism Services" program. The super eye-catching offer has only 1,000 places per week. "First come, first served" ” Stimulating a large number of netizens to follow up and grab the good deals.


OpenRice is connected with RoomQ. RoomQ helps people queue up on the waiting page in order when coupons are available for purchase every week. The official website is able to survive when a large number of gourmets are grabbing coupons!


Even if there are many gourmets coming in, users have a fair chance to grab dining discount coupons, and the system operates smoothly without any delay problems, and they have successfully shared the delicious food.