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March 23, 2024

NoQ combines with the registration system to solve the problem of overload of people

Although it is known that some registration systems can manage the "number of people who can register, the number of people who have registered, and the number of people who are waiting to be filled" to avoid overfilling the quota, there is no guarantee that the system will not be overloaded and crash during the process. System downtime may affect your personal career. If you serve a non-profit organization, education, or even a government department, your activities are mainly related to the interests of the public, and you are no less burdened by public expectations than ordinary companies. You should pay more attention to this.

Don't let the system embarrass's like love

When registering for general business activities, sometimes I worry that few people will sign up, but also fear that too many people will sign up and the system will crash... It's very much like love. Have you ever suffered like this?

If you are a "project manager", "product leader" or "technical team" in an enterprise, a system crash is likely to put a cross on your career report card, and you may even be punished for taking responsibility. members, so we should avoid this happening.

Maintaining a corporate image is like trying to reconcile the taste of love. If you accidentally sprinkle an extra spoonful of salt in one step, the whole pot will lose flavor. It will take a lot of time to regain the trust of customers. The best advice is to prepare for a rainy day. RoomQ high-traffic protection system. Get ready first!

In fact, many of NoQ's customers in Hong Kong are institutional customers, such as "government departments", "non-profit organizations NGO", and "educational institutions", etc. Since the activities carried out by these organizations mainly serve a certain group of ethnic groups or people across the country, the opportunities for these organizations to face the Internet masses and the weight of shouldering the expectations of the masses will not be lost to general profit-making enterprises.

In the past, some systems related to job registration and examination registration were blocked at critical moments due to a large number of access requests, causing major nationwide errors:

In 2020, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau announced the "Tourism Industry Talent Training Plan". After opening registration, the tour guide talent training course crashed due to excessive traffic. Half an hour later, it directly showed that the quota was full, causing dissatisfaction among demanders and ridiculing: "Talent training Scheduling a quota is as difficult as getting a mask.”

In the 2019 admissions season for Chinese art colleges and universities, there was a huge application scale. About 700,000 art candidates had to register for the exam through mobile apps. However, accidents such as system crashes and display service withdrawals occurred, resulting in the rights and interests of many candidates being damaged.

Patching the system while tens of thousands of people are waiting for you👇

First measure the size of the gate and do a good job of diversion control.

The professional-grade high-traffic protection system RoomQ virtual waiting room can be instantly superimposed on the customer's existing registration system. When it comes to online registration activities, there is usually an exact upper limit for registration. Often there are only 1,000 places, but 50,000 people rush to sign up. We can imagine that the traffic limit of the registration system is a "gate". People need to pass through this gate to enter the website to perform actions. However, when encountering traffic jams, too many people rush in at the same time and the gate is broken. , causing everyone to be stuck at the door unable to move.

Perhaps less than half of the original 1,000 places have been successfully registered, and the rest are empty because users cannot enter the website. There are only four words to describe all of this: a waste of time.

The circles on the page kept spinning, the page opened but got stuck after pressing the button, and the registration process did not progress even one step after ten minutes, which consumed users' participation in the event and also reduced the organizer's brand image. Quite a few.

RoomQ can first detect the traffic gate size for the registration system, and then according to the website performance, control the maximum traffic flow at the same time at any time during the event, or maintain the capacity limit within the website to keep the registration system running smoothly while exceeding the registration system load. If there is a large amount of traffic, we will first arrange it to another page to wait with peace of mind.

Everyone on the waiting page has already received a ticket and been prioritized based on the speed of inputting information. They only need to wait for their turn to complete the registration procedures. Those who have registered can register smoothly, and those who have not yet registered can wait outside with peace of mind, reducing the pressure on the system, so that everyone can get a more satisfactory result, which is completely different from the situation at the beginning.

We provide different ways to connect with RoomQ, such as simple web connection, mobile app SDK connection, API connection, etc. Simple docking can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. If you have an urgent need, this will be the fastest way to protect your system.