News Update
July 16, 2021

NoQ is listed on the homepage of Alibaba Cloud Market ISV

Within a month, RoomQ was listed on the homepage of the Marketplace cloud market ISV! Adhering to excellent service quality has always been the only requirement for RoomQ to win the trust of many large enterprises. Today, RoomQ is recommended on the homepage of Alibaba Cloud Marketplace "ISV Independent Software Vendor" 👉 Alibaba Cloud Top ISV Solutions

RoomQ has been on the Alibaba Cloud Market for a month. Being on the homepage means that Alibaba Cloud has evaluated the five dimensions of "commodity power": product expression, marketing, service, transaction, and delivery, all of which have reached a high level. In the future, we will continue to provide high-quality services to more people in need. The best solution to large traffic bottlenecks, we look forward to your testimony!