Case Study
November 13, 2020


[Yoho]( is the first O2O (Online to Offline) electrical and electronic products store in Hong Kong. In order to celebrate the shopping festival this November, it is expected to hold an eleven-day shopping mall. Limited promotions, many electrical products are even priced at $11, which is expected to attract people to rush to buy.

YOHO integrates the official website system with RoomQ to continuously detect the system traffic when the crowds are pouring in during sales hours. When the traffic reaches the peak, RoomQ will help the website to divert the traffic and place the crowds on the waiting page according to the serial number, so that the traffic flow is stable. Then redirect it back to the target website.

In addition to eleven consecutive days of promotional offers, there were four consecutive major promotions on the 11/11 Double Eleven Shopping Festival. The entire event brought a total traffic of more than one million, and the online registration process was very smooth.