Case Study
May 17, 2021

Hong Kong YWCA summer activity registration


In order to make children's summer vacation meaningful, the Hong Kong YWCA offers a large number of summer activities for children to participate in every year. The registration method is to fill in the online registration form and draw lots online. The total number of various courses is more than 2,000, and parents from all over Hong Kong are eager to participate in the online registration.


Make good use of NoQ's real-time traffic control to timely adjust the speed of people entering the Women's Youth website to achieve traffic diversion management so that the registration website runs smoothly without lags.

Key points: NoQ adopts 24-hour monitoring to avoid unexpected attacks. During the event, the traffic peak was detected late at night and the queuing function was automatically activated to eliminate the system overload crisis.


The online registration promotion day has successfully ended, allowing people who have arranged summer learning activities in advance to experience a smooth process and fair treatment. 7*24 monitoring is like a personal security guard, adhering to the responsibility of protecting your system late at night.