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NoQ Flash protect your system from traffic risk in an innovative way.

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Our solution assist successful events of our clients.

Selling over 250,000 boxes of medical masks with NoQ Flash
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NoQ supports millions of users at the same time

  • 2.7 Millions
    Total number of visitors
  • 19 Millions
    Total page views
  • 700 Thousands
    Total processed submissions

What Is NoQ Flash?

  • The traditional way is costly

    The traditional way is costly

    The traditional way to support huge traffic peaks is scaling up the entire system, from frontend web pages down to backend components. It involves ground breaking changes like redesigning and rewriting the whole system, which could be costly in capital and time.
  • No customers like waiting

    No customers like waiting

    The other way round, there are solutions to provide a virtual buffer to rate-limit the number of visitors reaching your existing system. However, the actual processing power of the traffic is still unchanged, forcing visitors to wait unwillingly.

NoQ Flash is like a ultra high speed camera

NoQ Flash helps you deal with planned huge traffic generated by timely events like flash sales, without sacrificing user experience. Imagine huge traffic is a 100M race with millions of athletes. Everyone rush to the finish line without queueing. NoQ Flash is an ultra high speed camera to identify the sequence of the athletes. NoQ Flash supports millions of users at the same time, and makes waiting time minimal. No more frustrated customers.


  • High throughput

    1 million requests in 10 minutes.

  • Secure

    All data are encrypted in transit.

  • Low cost

    Spend much lesser than scale up your existing systems.

  • Improves customer experience

    Fast and interactive response to minimize waiting time and frustration.

  • Redemption tool included

    For every successful session, the system generates an unique QR Code for managing redemption.

  • Easy integration

    Modern web APIs allow flexible integration with minimum efforts.

Use Cases

  • Flash Sale Campaign
    Flash Sale Campaign icon

    Flash Sale Campaign

    • Flash sale with huge discount or seasonal sales such as Black Friday, Christmas, Singles’ day.
    • Cope with rate limit of payment gateways, SMS service, email service.
  • Event Registration
    Event Registration icon

    Event Registration

    User expecting instant result – success or fail.
  • Lucky Draw
    Lucky Draw icon

    Lucky Draw

    Digitize paper workflow with eForm and QR code.
  • Voting Campaigns
    Voting Campaigns icon

    Voting Campaigns

    • Anti-bots, Anti-flooding.
    • Unique vote, customized voting.