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April 30, 2024

[Large-scale events] Hong Kong Cinema Day 2024

Hong Kong Cinema Day 2024: A box office success

“Hong Kong Cinema Day 2024” is one of the activities of the “Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 2024”. The first time Cinema Day was held in 2023, it was warmly welcomed by the public and recorded a record-breaking single-day attendance of nearly 222,000! This year, the Cinema Chamber of Commerce will continue its efforts and organize the “Hong Kong Cinema Day” again, hoping to encourage all Hong Kong citizens to go to the cinema with a uniform surprise ticket price and experience the unparalleled collective viewing experience of watching movies in the cinema, thereby promoting the cinema culture!

Work together to celebrate the great event

Participating cinemas include ACX Cinemas@North Point Place│Broadway Cinemas│Chinachem Cinemas│Cinema Cinemas│Cinema City Cinemas│CGV D2 Place│Emperor Cinemas│Golden Harvest Cinemas│Cosin Cinemas│Lumen Cinema│Gem Cinemas │ MCL Cinemas │ Xinbao Cinemas │ Shin Kong Cinemas

Overcoming technical challenges RoomQ ensures a smooth online ticket purchase process

RoomQ provides services to 8 large cinemas chains at the same time, ensuring that the ticket purchase system remains normal and smooth during the online ticket purchase process. In this event, it is expected that many Hong Kong citizens will use web pages or mobile apps to reach the systems of major cinema chains at about the same time. Since the ticket purchasing systems of each cinema chain are different, some are deployed in the cloud or locally. deployment, so docking and support are full of challenges. However, since the event is very short and all movie tickets are expected to be sold within one day, customers want to invest the minimum resources in docking to balance costs.

Limited resources, remarkable results

At last, the eight customers successfully completed the connection despite limited resources and time, and successfully connected with RoomQ on both the web page and the mobile app. No cinema chain experienced any crashes during the ticket sales process due to the huge traffic, and all movie tickets were sold smoothly.