Case Study
April 21, 2021

Macau Grand Prix Museum

Macao has the right to host and host international racing competitions, and the racing industry is a well-known local feature. This time, the Macau Grand Prix Museum under the MGTO has just completed its latest expansion and started trial operation in April 2021. The museum has opened "limited and limited-time" public quotas for early access, and the current pre-order response has been overwhelming.

The trial operation of the new expansion must not only give the people the best experience in terms of hardware equipment, but the system and ticket purchase process must also be very complete, and no leakage is allowed! The museum understands that the limited time-limited quota may cause panic buying by the public, so please use the RoomQ high-traffic protection system for assistance.

All quotas for April have been successfully sold out. The ticket sales process is smooth and safe. There are no overloaded card machines. There are still quotas for limited tickets in May. Everyone is welcome to participate.